Totally Stainless, Totally affordable – Buy Once, Stainless Lasts a Lifetime.

The Leapfrog EcoFrog Separation System saves you time and money and we promise it’s the best value system in the country!

Rest Easy and know that you are Doing the Right Thing by the Environment and Your Business.

This System is a Must for your Profitable Operation as:

  • It is fully Stainless Steel, lasting up to 5 times longer than a Galvanised version and it will be easier to clean every time. So Buy Once, and let it save you money every week.
  • The New Model has an Quick-Clean Solids Catchment Seive, with an extended handle, as pictured below, that simply slots in on top of the unit just under your trough. When it’s looking full, just lift, empty and replace – a 30sec operation, saving you time again.
  • The Specially designed Removable Sludge Baffles mean it’s even easier to clean.
  • The Ball Valve allows Inspection & Easy Drainage.
  • The Final Filter adds to this unit’s Efficiency and ensures Cleaner Water.
  • The Lockable Castors, provide Mobility and Easy Access when a full clean is needed.
  • The Stainless Steel Outlet that easily connects to your sewer, is a Standard Female 50mm BSP Fitting, known well to your Plumber or Handyman.
  • The System comes with an affordable price tag and are often in stock or only a couple of weeks away from ordering

There are 2 Standard sizes available:

  • EcoFrog Septank Model A- 115 litre
  • EcoFrog Septank Model B- 175 litre

“New Model Out Now”

XSM NEW LM Seperation Tank

Quick-Clean Solids Seive

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