There is only 1 Question with regard to Wash Troughs

Will it be an EcoFrog Lifetime Enduring Stainless Steel Wash Trough?


Will it be something Inferior that may tempt you with a small price saving but last only ¼ of the lifespan?

We know You won’t get fooled, that’s why we’ve made the EcoFrog Troughs So Affordable, so you can buy once and then focus on your real job of making money.

Standard sizes:

  • 700 Wide X 1200 mm High
  • 1500 wide x 1300 mm high
  • 1500 Wide x 1800 mm High
  • 2400 wide x 1375 mm high
  • Custom sizes made to order.

Backlit wash troughs

Same as above but with a perspex back and florescent lights contained in stainless steel

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