EcoFrog Stencil Strip Tanks

Save Time and Money while implementing sustainable work practices.

Let Time and this tank Strip your screens while you free yourself to print more shirts.

The EcoFrog Stencil Strip tank lets you soak your screens in a stripper solution overnight so you come in the next day and simply hose off any residue.

By planning or even having a couple of tanks to alternate you can eliminate the wages usually needed to blast stencils out. Let the solution do the cleaning and by reusing you saving money and the environment by saving solution and water.

The construction of the Strip Tank is Stainless Steel, so it will last a lifetime* and boasts the following features:

  • Safety turns on all exposed edges of the tank.
  • Reinforced middle section to withstand the sideways pressure of the solution within.
  • Stainless steel grate that elevates the screens above the floor and allows the stripped emulsion to collect.
  • Cover panel complete with handle to reduce evaporation and prevent contamination and spillage.
  • Drainage valve at the base allows the spent stripper solution to be emptied.

The unit pictured takes screens 590 x 790mm outside dimension. Custom sizes to fit your screens can be made.

EcoFrog Stencil Strip Tank

*Chlorine or Cleaning agents containing Chlorine must not be used on Stainless Steel otherwise corrosion will occur and void any warranty.

Insert for Strip Tank

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