The New EcoFrog Backlit Troughs are designed to help you as either an amateur, or a pro stencil maker do the very best you can and do it fast.

With all features you need taken care of such as:

  • The extensive use of Stainless Steel for easy wipe over cleaning and stain removal,
  • Safety turns on all edging to look after you as well as the screens,
  • Anti-splash lip at the top of the trough,
  •  A shelf for chemicals and cleaning gear right there handy along the front of the trough,
  •  A large 1200 x 1200mm (or 1200 x 600mm in smaller models) Backlit area to check for blemishes or pinholes in your stencil ensuring you’re set to impress.

Construction Specs

The Backlit Stencil Prep Troughs come in the following standard sizes:

  • 700 x 1200mm High
  • 1500 x 1300mm High
  • 1500 x 1800mm High
  • 1800 x 1300mm High
  • 2400 x 1375mm High
  • Custom Sizes.

All EcoFrog Troughs come standard with Drain Fitting and plug and detachable Stainless Steel stand.

They are all compatible with the EcoFrog Solids Separation tanks and EcoFrog Solvent Recycling Systems

Backlit Troughs are powered by Single phase 10Amp supply.

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