The EcoFrog Washroom

The Washroom Area, although it doesn’t always get the respect it deserves, is a critical part of the Screen Print factory. The tasks performed in this area can be key to a quality print job, and given the sufficient expenditure on quality equipment, can produce time and money saving efficiencies and more importantly pickup and rectify problems before they get to the print stage. From an environmental  compliance and OH&S viewpoint it is also critical to get this area right.

If you are textile printing with Water Based inks, you’ll need a single Wash Trough and Separation Tank, for degreasing, screen preparation and washing out the stencil after exposure. This trough will then also be used to wash out residual ink when cleaning a screen, and also for stripping the screen stencil.

While it may be prudcnt to start out with a used galvanised steel trough, your aim should be to purchase a stainless steel unit as soon as possible. This is an excercise in spending money to save a heap of money. A well designed and well built Stainless unit will last a lifetime, so once you’ve spent the money you don’t have to do it again. And like Real Estate, the price of Stainless can only go up, so buy it as soon as possible in the life of the business to gain the maximum value.

If you are printing textiles with Plastisol inks, the most efficient way to clean your screens of ink residual is to use a second trough – because water and turps don’t mix and you’ll be in strife expelling turps into the sewerage – to use excusively for Turps.

To this trough you can add a Turps or Solvent Recycling unit which is a separation tank that has a solvent pump attached. The turps is delivered via a hose with an adjustable brass nozzle into the screen trough, the turps flowing down the trough draining into the separation tank and is recycled.

Backlit troughs are excellent for checking screen and stencil quality and can save an enormous amount of time at this critical Pre Print stage. If you have ever seen the chaos caused by a single screen with a blockage – either residue ink or emulsion – holding up a 12 colour automatic with a deadline, you’ll appreciate the value of being able to check your stencil using a back light.

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