Lightning Series Vacuum Printing Table

(1 Man Squeegee Table)

The Lightning Vacuum Printing Table is another tried and tested product from the Leapfrog Machinery range.

Functional Data:

XY axis adjustments.

Table is fitted with levelling feet.

Precise, adjustable ball Registration.

Designed to take a variety of screen sizes.

Fitted with swivel clamps for easy screen access.

Squeegee carriage glides on a set of 4 precision roller bearings which reduce friction and wear on the shaft while increasing ease of movement.

Fitted with all necessary counterweight & squeegee clamp adjustments.

Components that are in close contact with inks and solvents are zinc coated.

Table is constructed with a 150-250mm surround beyond the print area.

All adjustments are easily performed via handwheel grips.

Complete with its own low noise vacuum pump.

Power supply: 10amp single phase.

Dimensional Data – Available in two standard sizes:

1- 760 x 1020mm Vacuum print area (30/40)

To take Max. Screen Size 1200 x 1400mm

2- 1520 x 1020mm Vacuum print area (60/40)

To take Max. Screen Size 1500 x 2000mm

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