Heatseeker Tunnel Dryers

HeatSeeker-Pro Tunnel Dryers or Tunnel Ovens

We designed the HeatSeeker-Pro Electric Tunnel Dryer Range to fulfill a Mission . . .
  1. Create a dryer with the latest, most reliable and proven technology.
  2. Demonstrate energy efficiency and environmental sustainability
  3. Use smart, innovative design concepts to create an affordable dryer leaving the competition behind.
Our HeatSeeker-Pro Range of Electric and Gas tunnel dryers fulfill all of these requirements and we made no compromises in design standard or quality. Al the HeatSeeker Pro Range of Tunnel Dryers have the following key components and meet these construction standards:
  • Famous Baldor (USA) Motor for reliability
  • Ceramic Heating elements for Even Heat Spread
  • Electrical Wiring to the highest Australian industrial standards
  • Teflon coated Fibreglass Mesh Belt with reinforced edging to last
  • Hybrid Digital Temperature Controller for micro-second heat monitoring
  • Mains Isolator Switch on Control Box saves on electrical connection
  • Reflective panel below belt aids clean production & energy saving.
  • Adjustable Tunnel entry Heat shields to conserve heat
  • Adjustable Fan forced Air into Tunnel to circulate air
  • Exhaust Hood on Tunnel Exit to extract fumes
  • Powdercoat Paint for a hard wearing finish
  • Internal Circuit Breaker for Safety
  • Adjustable Belt Speed

2 Reasons why our Tunnel Dryer’s are better

  1. Heaters cover the full width of the belt, making  the belt width is the cure width.
  2. Special belt tracking device stops costly belt travel and potential damage to belt.

Good reasons to buy a HeatSeeker-Pro Dryer

  • Save Money on your purchase, we Guarantee the best value
  • Save the Stress of buying an unknown, we have an excellent reputation and a Warranty for all our HeatSeeker Pro Tunnel Dryers.
  • Make money every day with the reliability of a good cure.
  • Simple design and local components gives you peace of mind. In the rare instance of a stoppage, simply call our customer service for fast, efficient help.
An Australian Made,  Export Quality Product

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