Tips when selling a second hand printing machine.

As a leading dealer of screen printing machinery, our experience has helped us to develop the most effective methods for selling used printing equipment. You can maximise the speed and price of sale for your machine simply by following a few easy steps:

  1. Contact LeapFrog Machinery to get your machine listed in our Classifieds section and to have our sales team actively promote your machine and search for prospective buyers. Find out more about selling your machine with Leapfrog Machinery here.
  2. Clean your machine and remove background objects.
  3. Take clear photographs of the machine from a number of angels thinking of what the buyer would like to see.
  4. Write a good title and description. Help buyers understand what you are selling. Create a title and description that is clear, complete, and descriptive. State exactly what the item is including the brand, product name & size.
  5. Provide item specifics. Think of any information that will help the buyer understand the condition and ability of your printing machine. Do you have a maintenance history? Take a look at other similar machines for sale – what features are they mentioning?
  6. Specify its condition. This is important and accurate descriptions here will help the buyer feel confident in your machine. If your machine is not quite up to scratch talk to Leapfrog Machinery about reconditioning your item to give you the best opportunity and price for sale.
  7. Determine a price you will accept based on current market prices.


Upgrading your machinery can make your business become more efficient while catering to changing demands. If your machine is not in the best working condition, consider getting it reconditioned prior to sale. Leapfrog Machinery often recondition printing machines prior to selling them along with offering a trade-in service saving you any hassle.

About the Author:

Leapfrog Machinery’s Mission is to provide You the Printer or Start-up Printer with the Best Value equipment. That often means the least expensive price in the market place, but more importantly it always means reliability, serviceability and the overall profitability that a particular machine can add to your bottom line.