The Way Forward?

Yes it’s the big question in business and the right answer will give you and your business the direction it needs to face the ever changing economic environment.


Seeking the way forward should take into account the position of your business, strengths and weaknesses, knowledge, skills and your passion – what pushes your buttons and gets you out of bed every morning. I think it’s accurate to say there are probably more reasons to not get out of bed with enthusiasm in the present world economic environment, but having a good plan and doing something about it will feed your motivation and make sense of a sometimes crazy world.


With that in mind, let’s have a look at what has been happening in the Screen Printing and Image Transfer market place over the last decade and the last couple of years in particular.


Ten years ago, it was common in the Capital cities for the garment decorators, which were nearly all screen printers, to specialise (drilling deep) in just that, screen printing of garments.


The common model in the regional areas, where populations are smaller was to have a range of services to provide for the diverse needs of a relatively small number of clients by comparison to the cities.

As more and more of the larger printing runs disappeared off shore, and with the growth of new digital technologies, screen printers in the larger population areas looked to maintain their turnover by diversifying both with new digital technology and into associated markets such as Embroidery, Heat Transfer Printing, Signage and more recently DTG (Direct To Garment) printing.

By the same token, Embroiderers also feeling the effects of both the digital era and downward price pressure, looked further afield into Heat Transfer printing, a few to screen printing and more recently DTG.


Given this logical and well calculated response, there are now fewer specialised screen printers inAustraliaand those that remain will generally combine heat transfer application to their product offering.


So with the End of the Financial Year upon us, now is the time to determine your business position to try to halt client migration to competitors that can provide a broader range of services.


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