Selling used printing machinery

Selling your printing machine


Don’t spend money to make money!


Pole Position Selling Strategy

Get ahead of the competition – put yourself in pole position

List your surplus/trade-in printing equipment with Leapfrog Machinery and turn it into money without spending a cent or dealing with all the usual hassles associated with selling items! Leapfrog Machinery are leaders in connecting buyers with sellers in the screen printing and heat press industries.


Leapfrog Machinery offers a no sell – no cost policy with our focus on maximising your return by proactively marketing your machinery! Our motivation comes from the fact that we don’t earn a cent unless we sell your machine.


Leapfrog Machinery developed it’s unique machinery marketing and sales system based on almost 2 decades of connecting buyers with sellers in the screen printing and heat press industries on a daily basis. Nobody does it quite like us. While there are many methods you could try to sell your machine (free advertising, paid advertising or pay to appear on an auction site) all of these involve you doing the work in uploading your machine, dealing with all the enquiries and trying to negotiate a deal. With Leapfrog Machinery we do it all so that selling your printing machine is a stress free and effortless process.


Selling your machine for you

We act as your pit-crew selling your machine for you

What we offer:

  • Proactive sales service with an assigned dedicated sales agent
  • Niche targeted marketing to the screen printing and heat press industries
  • Promotion of your machine to our database of qualified potential buyers
  • Complete sales process management including sales enquiries, negotiation, transport logistics & after sales service
  • We are a reputable dealer offering buyers and sellers a trustworthy service
  • After sales service and value added incentives for buyers
  • Ability to recondition/service machines to provide a better buy price and machine for sale
  • Ability for buyers to trade in their existing machines and/or to purchase through finance making the sale more attractive


What you get

  • Proven results
  • Outsourced sales process – offering a convenient, minimal effort approach to selling your machinery
  • Targeted niche marketing efforts reducing the length of your sales process
  • Reduction of liability and after sales support issues
  • You machine information will be emailed directly to qualified prospective buyers
  • A customised classifieds advert on our website including the ability to add up to 4 photos
  • No hidden costs and no costs whatsoever if your machine doesn’t sell!

Contact us today for a sellers information pack and for a free valuation of your machine in today’s market.


Buying another machine? Leapfrog Machinery specialise in selling new, used and reconditioned machinery helping ensure you find the best quality machine at the best price suited for your business needs now and in the future. Our sales team will work with you to determine your business needs so that you invest in machinery suitable for your business now and as you grow. If you are looking to sell your current machine to upgrade, we offer great Trade-In deals along with the ability to finance your purchases. Contact us today to see how we can help your printing business.


View our Used Printing Machinery Classifieds website here.

Don’t think your machine will sell? Leapfrog Machinery has the ability to recondition certain machines prior to sale to move them quicker while increasing their sales value. Find out more here.