Ergo-flash Quartz FCU

(below) gives the printer the best of both worlds. As a FCU for TAS automatics it represents a serious and economical alternative to the conventional method of shunting your FCU in & out.

Design Features

  • Designed for use with either Manual or Automatic printers the Ergo-flash QIR FCU has been thoughtfully designed to give the printer Heating power but with efficiency.
  • For use in Automatics the FCU body is removed from the stand and placed into the print head of your machine. There is no need for it to be moved in & out by the print head as heat is only activated when needed.
  • Specially shaped reflectors ensure heat is directed evenly to the garment.
  • The slim line body with fan blowers isolated from direct heat make for long life reliability and easy installation into your Automatic Printer.
  • Air volume is governed by a fan speed controller
  • Heat is activated by the most reliable method – a micro switch positioned in the appropriate place on your machine while the heat area can be selected for economy by the switching of linked elements
  • Duration of the heating process is controlled by a variable timer that turns the elements off after a 6 sec. interval for example.
  • The QIR FCU has all the regular features such as height adjustment, swivel castors and tough powder coat finish(sandblast pre-treatment)


Ergo Flash Quartz FCU

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