FlexiCommercial Vendor Finance PartnerLeapFrog Machinery is proud to offer our customers the choice of flexible payment options through our finance providers FlexiCommercial, part of FlexiGroup and Iconex Lease.

FlexiCommercial offers a smart way to pay for equipment and technology. Instead of paying for technology outright, businesses can choose to lease equipment and technology.


If you are an established small, medium or large business, have been trading for a few years with a good credit history and are looking to invest in equipment and technology to grow your operations, FlexiCommercial can provide a fast and flexible ongoing finance solution to meet your needs.

Please note our Finance Terms and Conditions:

*Tax deductions may apply. FlexiCommercial and LeapFrog Machinery do not provide legal, tax or accounting advice. See your tax advisor for details. FlexiCommercial is brought to you by FlexiGroup, Flexirent Capital Pty Ltd holds Australian Credit Licence number 394735

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Leapfrog Machinery is able to offer finance through our association with Iconex lease and finanace specialists at no additional cost to you.

Iconex is able to offer flexible finance solutions including:

Commercial Hire Purchase-

This type of arrangement can be used to finance any depreciating asset and is an alternative to the traditional business loan. The equipment is hired from the financier until the last payment is made. Once the final payment is made, ownership of the goods passes directly to the hirer. This is a cost effective way to purchase revenue producing assets without tying up working capital.*

Finance Lease-

A Finance Lease can be used to purchase any worthwhile asset but differs from a Commercial Hire Purchase and Chattel Mortgage in the ownership of the goods and the treatment of the GST. The asset to be acquired is owned by the financier (the lessor) and the lessee makes regular repayments for a specified period. A requirement for a Finance Lease is that an applicable Residual Value is placed on the asset, as set by the Australian Taxation Office, and should reflect the market value of the goods at the expiration of the term. GST is not payable on the initial purchase, however there is GST payable on both the monthly rentals and the Residual Value. ABN holders may be able to claim the GST component as an Input Tax Credit either each month or quarter. In general the monthly rental is deductible for taxation purposes.*


A Rental Agreement can be used to purchase any worthwhile asset and is an agreement between the renter and the financier to rent the equipment at a set amount per month over a set period of time. As the goods are owned by the financier, the asset and liability does not appear on the balance sheet and in general the monthly rentals are deductible for taxation purposes.*

*Independent financial advice should be sought from your financial adviser to assess which type of arrangement is suitable for your individual circumstances.

As an example, if you were purchasing a new Tunnel Dryer for $8,500 GST exclusive, indicative repayments (subject to interest rate fluctuations) on the various financing arrangements available over 4 years would be as follows:

CHP: $279 per month with Nil Balloon

Finance Lease: $245 per month plus GST and Stamp Duty with a $425 Residual Value ex GST

Rental: $248 per month

If you would like a quote or would like to discuss any of the financing options available to you, please call Grant on (02) 9909 8617 or mobile 0422 54 14 04 or email him on grant@iconex.com.au.