Lunar Manual Exposure Cabinets – XMC models (Manual Shutter)

This is an upgraded version of the original Lunar exposure cabinet that has been serving screen printers since the late 1980′s. Its strengths including affordability, lamp reliability and longevity remain while the updated design makes it more user friendly and gives it a larger exposure area. The XMC models include a low noise vacuum pump creating a more pleasant  work environment that is Work Cover friendly.

The most economical Australian Made Metal Halide Exposure system on the market today.

Combining a Light Source & Vacuum Frame into one unit at a price you would expect to pay for each, the Lunar Cabinet has been engineered with practicality in mind. A genuine high quality product deserving close consideration when purchasing your next exposure system. As the Lunar Cabinet combines both a Light Source & a Vacuum Frame you can still work nearby and not be affected by light spillage.

Functional Data:

  • Light Source: 2 kw Metal Halide.
  • Power Supply: 10 Amp single phase (all models)
  • Exposure Area & Max. outside Screen Size: 1300 x 1100mm.
  • Overall Cabinet dimensions: 1400 x 1200 x 1050 mm high.
  • Exposure Time: 240-280 secs. Using standard emulsion.

Features include:

  • Automatic shut-off or Continuous with manual shutter.
  • Fan-cooled lamp
  • Manual on/off vacuum
  • Powder coat Paint Finish
  • Gas lifters raise vacuum lid
  • Super quality vacuum blanket
  • Low noise vacuum pump
  • Swivel castors now standard

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