Save Time & Money with this 1-Touch Metal Halide Exposure System.

The Lunar Exposure Cabinet range has been developed specifically for export and is automatically controlled by a PLC. The XAC-2 has a 2kw lamp with a one touch exposure capability that saves time and gives you precision controlled exposure.

How it works: At commencement of exposure the operator switches the lamp on to warm up under the shutter. While the lamp is warming up – it takes about 3 minutes – the operator can positions the screen/s with the film positive, and then close the vacuum frame and clip down.

After setting the exposure time the operator need only  press one switch to start the whole exposure process. The vacuum will come on and when the screens are fully held down will go onto half power, cutting noise and reducing motor wear. At this point, the lamp shutter will open, expose and when complete, it will close ready for the next setup.

The biggest advantages of the Lunar Exposure Cabinet range are that they are easy, safe, and you can work in the same area while the exposure is taking place. You could even take a phone call, knowing your screen is being taken care of by your Smart offsider – the Lunar Auto Cabinet.

Buy Once, Buy Well with this Australian Made World Class Product.

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XMC-2 (1300 x 1100mm) 2kw Manual shutter
XMC-2XL (1400 x 1700mm) 2kw Manual shutter
XAC-2 (1300 x 1100mm) 2kw Automatic – PLC controlled
XAC-2XL (1400 x 1700mm) 2kw Automatic – PLC controlled

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