Lunar Wall-Mount Vacuum Frames

When space is an issue the Lunar Wall-Mount Vacuum frame provides an ideal solution.

It is easy to bolt to any wall and only takes up space when you are loading the screens in.

Constructed with toughened glass for OH&S the outer glass with a steel frame is mounted with at least 3 sturdy hinges. The Lunar Wall Mount Vacuum frame is easy to use; simply place your screens in, close and latch the frame then switch on the vacuum.

Another safety features for the Lunar Wall Mount is that once the blanket has been suctioned down the vacuum pump can be turned down which helps it to maintain a strong suction while reducing noise levels.

Other benefits that make the Lunar Wall Model great value are:

  • Safe, Toughened 6mm Glass.
  • Sturdy 18mm Craftwood Backing board.
  • Safety Chain to limit door opening past 90 deg.
  • Sturdy Frame construct from 40mm steel RHS with Aluminium Corner protectors.
  • Resilient and Pliable Vacuum blanket enhances screen hold-down.
  • Vacuum motor power requirement is Single phase 10amp.

Constructed to your requirements and we have 2 standard Exposure area sizes:

1-      1000 x 800mm

2-      1400 x 1000mm

The Lunar Wall Model Vacuum Frame

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