Lunar Walk-in Vacuum Frame

With Single handed operation the Lunar Walk-in Vacuum Frame employs state-of-the-art engineering to give you a quality, easy to use, time saving method to expose extra large screens.

Functional Data

The Lunar Walk-in Vacuum Frame consists of a double fixed metal frame containing the Exposure glass and another mobile frame positioned behind, which carries the rubber blanket.

The screen to be exposed is placed in the glass frame and the blanket frame is moved forward to contact this frame. When this is achieved the two frames are locked together by four catches positioned on the side of the frames. From here the vacuum pump is activated and the exposure can commence.

The Key feature of the Walk-in vacuum frame is the ease of use achieved by astute engineering design and the use of precision components. The blanket frame can exceed 4.0m in length and although it appears as though it would need at least two people to move it, it will glide into position with one person moving it from one end only. No ropes, no pulleys!

Engineering Specifications

  • Constructed with 6mm toughened glass
  • 3mm Nylon reinforced Rubber blanket.
  • Sturdy steel frame work with aluminium surround for glass
  • Main frame has drilled feet to secure it to floor
  • Blanket frame carriage employs a Double Linear bearing system.
  • Linear bearings run on a precision 30mm hardened steel shaft.
  • 4 adjustable toggle clamps to secure frame when in position
Inside Vac.Frame Size Max. Screen Size OD.
WVF-2516 2500 x 1600mm 2400 x 1500mm
WVF-3518 3500 x 1800mm 3400 x 1700mm
WVF-4120 4100 x 2150mm 4000 x 2050mm
Custom sizes On request


WVF-3518 Freight Dimensions:

  • (In upright position) 365 L x 90 W x 220 H cm

WVF-3518 Freight Dims:

  • (Bolt together model for Export) 365 L x 35 W x 220 H cm
  • Approx. weight: 250kg

About the Vacuum Pump:

The Lunar Walk-in Vacuum Frame comes standard with a low noise Side Channel Blower pump which is the most effective for the price. Depending on your requirements other units can be fitted.


The specs for the standard pump are as follows:

  • 240v motor developing 1.9kw of power.
  • Power supply: 15amp single phase.
  • Max.Noise level generated: 70db.

Please Note: We reserve the right to vary the above design specifications in the interest of product enhancement and as part of the company’s continued drive towards excellence. Please contact us should you have any questions in relation to the Lunar Walk In Vacuum Pump

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