Lunar Vacuum “Flip” Frames

The Lunar Vacuum “Flip” Frame is engineered around the practical needs of a screen printer. Mounted on an A-frame flip stand sitting on top of swivel braked castors, the Lunar Vacuum frame gives the utmost in versatility. It allows the printer to set up the screen and positive in the horizontal position and to then flip to the vertical to expose.

A great advantage of the Lunar Vacuum “Flip” Frame is that it enables printers to maximise  their space with its incorporation of shape and mobility.

Now with low noise vacuum pump – don’t put your hearing at risk!

Functional Data

  • Low Noise Vacuum pump to aid hearing protection in the workplace.
  • Vacuum Frame rotation is via bearings.
  • Constructed with 6mm Toughened Glass.
  • Gas Struts open and support Vacuum Frame lid.
  • Frame and Stand sturdily constructed from 50mm steel tubing.
  • Resilient and Pliable Vacuum blanket enhances screen hold-down.
  • A-frame is mounted on swivel castors with brakes.

Constructed in 3 standard exposure area sizes:

1-      900 x 1300mm

2-      1400 x 1700mm

3-      1600 x 2200mm

Available in Custom sizes and Wall Mount versions.

Lunar Vaccum Frames

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