Lunar Benchtop Exposure Unit

The Lunar Benchtop Exposure Unit provides a professional low cost exposure system using UV tubes housed in a sturdy steel cabinet which combines all the necessary features to give you a quality stencil making facility.

Each Lunar Benchtop Exposure Unit includes:

  • Inbuilt timer with automatic light cut off.
  • Vacuum frame made from steel with quality nylon backed rubber blanket
  • Dual Gas vacuum frame lifters
  • Rubber stabilising feet
  • Easy access to starters and tubes
  • Powdercoat Paint Finish
  • Power supply: 240v 10amp.
  • Switch gear includes:
    • -Vacuum On/Off
    • -Push button Lights On
    • -Push button Timer
    • -Push button Reset
  • Vacuum motor Option:

a)      Inbuilt silenced vacuum motor or

b)      Provision for a vacuum cleaner to be attached.

(vacuum cleaner not included in purchase price)

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