The Ergo Jig 8 Colour Carousels are Tuff Ergonomic carousels giving you Less Pain and More Gain

The  Ergo Jig 8 Colour Carousels  are fast, sturdy, ergonomic production machines featuring:

  • Precision Dual bearing Registration System for smooth and very accurate multicolour registration.
  • Bearings rotation gives smooth, free movement of the print turret regardless of screen weight.
  • Adjustable double over-centre springs balance screen, squeegee, and ink weights.
  • Individual Head Off-contact printing adjustment.
  • Quick No-tools adjustments for all operations.
  • Quick slide Pallets are fitted with lateral locking device.
  • Pallet support ring ensures no Pallet flex during printing.
  • Screen Clamps have firm Nylon clamping feet to ensure accurate setup and retention of registration.
  • Screen Clamp feet are fitted to the clamp screw via a cap screw – that means they won’t fall off like those of inferior construction.
  • Parts likely to come into contact with ink are zinc coated.
  • Adjustable squeegee rests (for side clamp models)
  • Side Clamp models have state-of-the-art slide adjustable Cast Alloy clamps mounted on stainless steel tubing.
  • Both Back and Side Clamp models accommodate screens up to 620mm wide.
  • Machine diameter from pallet tongue to pallet tongue: 3.4m.
  • All metal is Sand blasted before painting with a tough easily cleaned Polyester powdercoat finish.
  • Adjustable Levelling Feet ensure smooth carousel operation.
  • Aluminium Flash Pallets are topped with a firm White Easy-clean pad. This gives a contrast when positioning positives as well as excellent Heat & Solvent resistance
  • Optional: Pallet Lock-off to neutralise pallet rotation can be added on request.

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