Ideal when you have the Need for Speed!

If you need to print More Shirts in Less Time and
make More Money then you need an
Ergo-Jig 4×2 Carousel

This piece of equipment alone, or in combination with a flash unit, will double your print production.

The Ergo-Jig 4×2 is a dual pallett rotating base carousel which can be used in various ways to increase production.

  • When printing on white or light coloured T-shirts, you can print on one pallet and have someone loading and unloading from the other pallet.
  • Alternatively, if you are printing on dark T-shirts,  use this carousel in conjunction with a flash cure unit (a.k.a. a spot dryer) to double your production. By using one pallet station as a flash station; you can print one T-shirt at the same time flashing another.*

* Note: Flash Curing is not strictly an accurate term, as the task performed by the Flash Curer is to simply dry the top layer of ink so that the next colour can be layed down without picking up ink from the previous colour.

To cure the Ink a Tunnel Dryer is necessary for smooth, consistent production. See our Section on Tunnel Dryers for more information.

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