The 4 colour T-shirt Carousel Experience

As your business grows, so too will your machinery requirements and the Ergo Jig 4×1 is an ideal tool to help you embark on this exciting adventure. The 4 Colour T-Shirt Carousel enables you to print in 4 colours ensuring your ability to fulfil any job requirements.

When you want the best result, you need the best equipment.

Having the right equipment for your growing business will help you be more efficient and provide a higher standard of work. The Ergo-Jig 4×1 provides great commercial quality results with the following benefits:

  • Dual Bearing Registration Giving you Perfect Print Accuracy
  • Central turret bearing for Smooth Ergonomic Rotation
  • Slide adjustable T.Shirt base for Easy Set-up
  • Easy Screen Clamping with plastic handwheels

The Ergo Jig 4×1 helps you achieve perfect screen balance with dual springs and a tension adjuster on each print head helping to make your printing Fast & Smooth.

The Ergo-Jig 4 x 1 can be screwed or clamped to a bench and is light enough to hang up on a wall to Save Space.

Last but not least, the Ergo-jig’s 4×1 is painted with a tough scratch resistant powdercoat finish and prior to that all metal components are sandblasted helping safeguard your investment.

We know you’ll be satisfied, so we guarantee it with our 12 month standard warranty.

Special Offer: Order now to receive a free set of 2 Screens & 2 Squeegees valued at over $150.

The 4 colour T-shirt Carousel Experience

We challenge you to find a t-shirt jig with the
same features and build quality for less.

In fact, we know of others that are dearer but don’t match our high standards.

So how do we do it?

As a leading nationwide supplier to the commercial screen printing industry that demands having quality and competitive prices, we ensure that we source and supply only the best equipment to suit our customers requirements.

Free Standing 4 Colour Screen Printing Carousel

(also available in an optional freestanding version)

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