Hopkins 8 colour carousel and Spot Dryer . . . R3254 and R3255

Hopkins 8 colour carousel with all accessories.  4 rotating bases with 4 additional bases.  Max screen width 600mm od.  Machine diameter 2.8m.  3 melamine pallets @ 405 x 410mm, 3 aluminium laminate @ 350 x 500mm, and 4 aluminium pallets @ 405 x 405mm.  Has side screen clamping and adjustable nylon registration bolts so perfect registration is achieved.  The print bases are firm as the pallet support system consists of a full support ring with bearing rotation.

Hopkins spot curer. State-of-the-Art IR Panel with Fan Forced Air with auto swivel head. The flash head swivels over the print when activated and then moves back away from the platen when not flashing. Runs on 20 amp single phase 4.5Kw. Heat area of 500 x 500mm.  Also features swivel castors on stand, variable fan speed, and is height adjustable.  Flat hood shape.