This Heat Press allows the user to press flat items of an almost infinite variety of shapes and sizes, overcoming the problems associated with ribs, seams and zips on bags, and collars and buttons on shirts, impeding the pressing area.


The HeatBoss Versa is built on the Adkins Studio Clam 38x38cm heat press which is modified to take the HeatBoss Universal Platform. The Universal Platform has standardised fitting points so when you order you can be sure that your base will fit without hassles.


The Universal Platform is Slide adjustable, Reversible, and completely removable. Changing bases is performed via the fitting of 2 Socket screws with the allen key provided.


Once you have the Universal platform you can choose from a range of stock bases or you can submit drawings and sample bags or garments to have custom bases made.


When considering a Heat Press it is important to choose the HeatBoss Versa prior to purchase, as it must be modified in our workshop to accommodate the Universal Platform.


What You Get When You Invest in This Revolutionary Press

The HeatBoss Versa Package includes:

  • 1 x Modified Adkins Studio Clam 38x38cm Heat press.
  • 1 x HeatBoss Universal Platform – Slide Adjustable and Reversible.
  • 1 x Adkins 38x38cm Base compatible with the Universal Platform.
  • 1 x Your Choice of a Stock Size / Shape Base or a Custom Base for your requirements.

Additional Bases vary depending on size, shape and complexity, but the typical price range is between $220 – $350 + gst


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