Press over Buttons, Ribs, Zips with No Trouble!

Tired of cutting make-shift bases to fit around buttons, ribs and collars?

Had Enough of Inefficiencies, Lost Money, Time & Opportunities?

Put a Halt to that Now with . . .

The Heatboss Inflata-Base Heat Press

This Revolutionary new heat press from Europe allows you to press the whole shirt – buttons, ribs,seams & all (we even pressed a pair of scissors!) by pushing the transfer up against the heat plate via inflation of the base, causing the usual obstructions like buttons to disappear within the inflated bed.


How It Works

The Press is connected to compressed air and when the head is pressed down to a certain point, the air base inflates automatically and pushes the shirt and transfer up against the heat plate to get the perfect contact for the transfer area only.


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