3Tech Squeegee Blade.

When a UV printing client in Sydney asked us how our Squeegee Blade performed against the other established squeegee brands like Serilor and Watts, it was new to the market and untested (by our clients in Oz anyway) so we said “take some and try it, the proofs in the pudding”.

He had found that his existing blades just didn’t last the distance in terms of a lasting sharp edged blade for his critical UV printing.

We were delighted when he rang back in a few days and ordered multiple rolls of our European 3Tech Squeegee blade.

3Tech – Why 3Tech?

Just one of the standout features of our Polyurethane Squeegee blades is that they are made in three layers whether or not Triple or Single Durometer blades and as with any laminated structure the whole is generally stronger  and with improved characteristics.

The other advantage with buying our 3Tech is that you know you are getting the best quality straight up – let me tell you why.

Many of the squeegee manufacturers will grade the quality of their blades eg, Serilor has the “HR” and “SR” range,– an example of needing different PU systems to suit alternative applications.

3Tech is different 3Tech due to a special PU recipe offers you one product range for high performance in a variety of applications – UV, Solvent and abrasion resistance thereby covering all popular UV, Plastisol & Waterbased inks.

With a great variety of Shore A hardness blades, we stock the 3Tech blades in the following profiles and Hardnesses.

Hardness   / Type Profile   Size Roll   Size Reg.   Roll Price Intro   Roll Price
Single   Durometer – Now in Stock
65   SH Single Ply 50   x  9mm 2.6m $185   + gst $160   + gst
75   SH Single Ply “    “ “    “ “    “ “    “
80   SH Single Ply “    “ “    “ “    “ “    “
85   SH Single Ply “    “ “    “ “    “ “    “
½ Roll   Intro Price for above – $90 + gst
Triple   Durometer – Now in Stock
65/90/65 35   x 7mm 2.6m $200   + gst $180   + gst
75/90/75 “    “ “    “ “    “ “    “
65/90/65 50   x 9mm 2.6m $285   + gst $260   + gst
75/90/75 “    “ “    “ “    “ “    “
½   Roll Intro Price for 50 x 9mm Triple $145 + gst
75/90/75 60   x 9mm 2.6m $305   + gst $275   + gst

3 Good Reasons to own a roll of 3Tech Today

  1. It can stand with the best and      some say its better.
  2. Our roll sizes are 2.6m so you      don’t have to buy a mountain of it to get the best price. And if you only      want to try ½ a roll we’ll do that for ½ the price + a small cutting/      handling charge so you still save.
  3. We have an introductory offer      again with big savings in mind for you.

There has Never been a Better Day to Save on Squeegee Blade.

And of course we do Aluminium Handles, and made up squeegees as well.

Squeegee Cutters and Shore A Hardness Meters are also available upon order.